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Les meilleurs taux fixes négociés par LCF

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French mortgage advisor

The reasons for buying a property in France are multiple, attractive property prices, a base for retirement and/or rental investments … all of these projects mean many buyers look for finance options.

Our french mortgage departement is specialized in helping buyers who wish to purchase properties in France. Based in Paris this means that each file can be presented face to face with the bank. Also through our agences throughout France we have local contact also. Lastly the group Artémis – Financière Pinault is a very well known French Group who is well respected and recognized.

The advantages of passing through a French advisor in France

Using one of our French mortgage advisors means :

  • The best French rates
  • Your advisors meets the bank
  • The best financal mix
  • Quicker
  • Better knowledge of the French system
  • An advisor who will help you throughout your purchase

If you wish to be contacted by one of our advisors please send us an email at contact-international@lacentraledefinancement.fr  or call us at (+33) 811 694 111